This is Antigua’s oldest Eco tour.  Spend a full day in the North Sound of Antigua where there are 22 uninhabited pristine offshore islands.  Learn about the eco systems and the history of the different islands in this protected area.

Also included are the turtle project at Jumby Bay, the reef ball system at Maiden Island, the beautiful and important Mangrove system of Guiana Island & much more. There are two snorkeling sessions (and a snorkel lesson for those who need it) along with a nature walk/hike to the top of Bird Island where you might get a chance to see an indigenous & endangered (nonpoisonous) Antigua Racer Snake.  The tour also visits Hells Gate Island for a snorkel or a climb through a small cave-like structure that goes through the island and comes out over a natural bridge on top – seeing the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Caribbean Sea on the other.

A local lunch and drinks are all included in the tour.

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Tour / Activity Details

approximately 6 hours
10:00 am - Monday through Saturday/p>

7 Days Minimum Advance Booking Required.  Minimum age is 2.  Tour includes St. John's hotel or cruise ship pickup.  Rates are per person in US Dollars.  Please order online or call us at 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

There is a $6.95 USD processing fee per order. This is a flat fee regardless of the number of tickets or tours purchased on an order. There is a service charge per ticket. This charge will be reflected on your summary before you checkout. The total shown at checkout includes any fuel surcharges, service charges and tax. There are no additional charges, unless otherwise specified.

Tour / Activity Policies

Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds. All sales are final.

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Tour / Activity Description

The boat is extremely spacious, comfortable and has a fresh water shower and a restroom. Designed in the USA and US Coast Guard certified for 49 passengers, numbers on this tour are deliberately kept lower (a max of 31 on an exceptionally busy day) to enhance the casual and relaxing feeling. You will leave this tour feeling that you have been welcomed into a very special community of the most privileged visitors to Antigua and Barbuda: those who have had a taste of what is really means to have grown up in the islands, and have been let into the “secrets of the North Sound.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to know how to swim? -- Most certainly not. Non-swimmers are welcome and swimming proficiency has never been a prerequisite on these excursions. Of course, you don’t have to go swimming/snorkeling, but some non-swimmers want to go so bad that, after a snorkeling lesson, they just put on provided flotation vests and get pulled around the reef by one of the snorkeling guides.

What is included? -- All drinks, snorkeling gear and a huge buffet lunch. All you have to bring is towels, sunscreen, swimwear, cameras, hats (if you want) and shoes you don't mind getting wet. Those plastic waterproof cameras are great, too. Another good thing to bring is a pair of polarized sunglasses. They'll help you spot turtles and rays.

What is for lunch? -- There will be a massive pasta salad made with lots of garlic, Parmesan cheese and olive oil, the best BBQ chicken on Antigua, a huge mixed salad, plantain (a type of banana you have to cook) and later banana cake for dessert.

How much snorkeling do we do? -- You will have the opportunity to snorkel three times on this tour. The first is off the beach, and this is where there will be in-depth snorkeling lessons for people who haven’t done it before or those who want a refresher course. Then you'll have the choice of snorkeling again after lunch at Hell’s Gate Island and one last time off Welch Rock before the trip home.

What type of wildlife may we see? -- Different animals are spotted throughout the year. In the winter months from the end of Jan until April, you may see the massive humpback whales occasionally as they pass through the islands on their way North. Nine out of ten trips you will see either Hawksbill or Green turtles from the boat as they come up for air in the North Sound. Several species of lizard daily, the rarest snake in the world (totally harmless) shows itself occasionally, hermit crabs, many species of fish, birds, both migratory and indigenous, star fish, crabs, lobster, rays. occasional dolphins and there is always the crew!

Are there sharks in Antigua? -- Yes, just like most of the world’s oceans. But, you are more likely to see whales, dolphins and turtles than a single shark...and if you see one, it will be gone in a flash.

How fit do I need to be? -- All levels of fitness are welcome. The tour is an active one and like all boating tours, you have to get off the boat by ladder to get to the beach or go snorkeling. “How difficult are the Ladders” has recently been asked a lot. People have come on and off the boat down the ladder with arms in casts, and people have arrived in crutches and gone up and down as well. All sizes and shapes of guests have been up and down them. If you go slowly, then the ladders are very simple. The crew will be helping as well. There is some hiking and caving, but whenever there is a challenge you don't wish to take, there are always other options.


7 Days Minimum Advance Booking Required.  Minimum age is 2.  Tour includes St. John's hotel or cruise ship pickup.  Rates are per person in US Dollars.  Please order online or call us at 212-852-4822 to order or for more information.

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